"she constantly changes her obsessions, which she often depicts in sexually charged vigor. The meanderings of this girl, exposed by just a tiny glimpse of the vast forest that is her mind, for the split second of a shutter lenses' *click*, never cease to amaze. She's a great inspiration to me." keyboardsamurai

"I think I really felt in love with your black and white work .It's so clean and deep in the same time, very meaningful. And beyond all, touching. I had a crush on it. Thank you ..." ajual

"the way you express yourself in photos remind me of Christoffer Boe, my favourite." antognow

" Without a doubt, it's very inspiring and a lot of the things you've photographed seem to be what I haven't been able to get myself. Keep up the diversity, it's truly amazing"

 Tania Kirchhöfer 68165 Mannheim t.kirchoefer@googlemail.com

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